Waiting for Spring: Winter Dawn on a Plowed Field

IWinter Dawn on a Plowed Field

I painted this picture to  make viewers aware there is beauty in nature in the dead of winter. Early in the morning the sun rises bringing the rosy pinks, oranges and purples across the sky. Color is found in the lavender grays of the bare branches contrasted with the dark green of the cedar trees. Notice the soil has the mixture of colors with the rising of the sun: pinks, oranges, turquoise.

At the end of harvest, the prairie soil was plowed to lie dormant during the winter months taking in the rains and possible snow anticipating the spring to once again warm the soil waiting for new seeds to be dropped into the earth.

Winter is a period of waiting through shorter days and cold weather. We yearn for spring bursting forth with yellows of daffodils and bright green of new growth. But, winter is a time for quieter thinking, for reflection. As we approach the season of Lent,  we can take the time to slow down enough to see God’s beauty all around us.




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